Meet Europe’s biggest sex festival

Swingers, orgy lovers, and doggers had a chance to let loose in one of Europe’s biggest sex festival. The festival, taking place in a previously secretive location of Worcestershire, took place on June 28 until July 1. The three-day event has seen hundreds of revelers descend on the raunchy festival whose first night was themed ‘special plans‘ and ‘Swingfields magic‘ by the events official website. Ticket-holding swingers had previously been kept in the dark regarding this year’s location until 48 hours before the event when handwritten signs with “SF this way” started cropping up a couple of days before the event, giving the location away despite organizers promising privacy to the attendees of the three-day sex fest.

The event took place in Flaxley, near Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, in 2016 and 2015. Event organizers had remained tight-lipped regarding the location citing ‘trolls‘ and ‘media intrusion‘ as their reasons. So, what normally takes place at this festival where ‘anything goes?


An aerial view of the location shows some kinky equipment on display as amorous partygoers set up tents in readiness for what was surely a time of their lives. Among the equipment included Medieval stocks and a four-poster bed. Other shots showed a man being spanked while locked up in stock while raunchy revelers could be seen spread out on sex hammocks in kinky scenes.

According to the festival’s website, “This three day event will be working alongside ALL lifestyle groups, including LGBT communities, to ensure we deliver a fun and entertaining event for all, and already we have plans to entertain all groups who will be working to deliver the BEST EVER Swingfields weekend,” said the website.

The festival is usually held on private land, and according to Worcestershire Regulatory Services, the event has a premise license to sell alcohol, regulated entertainment, and late-night refreshment.  The festival features those active in ‘the lifestyle,’ a term used by people who have consensual group sex with their partners. Couples attending the festival for three days had to fork out some £195, a single gentleman’s ticket £170, and a three-day ladies ticket £115. Wealthier individuals had the option of forking out £390 for more luxurious services. I’ll leave you to draw your conclusions.

And there are rules

Given the festival’s sex theme, you would expect the organizers to impose some rules and regulations, and that’s precisely what happens. For starters, attendees are not allowed to use their phones beyond the car park. That may seem excessive, but it is a necessary measure considering undercover reporters attempted to infiltrate the event last year hoping to catch naked people ‘grabbing each other like cavemen’. (Un)fortunately, they came out empty handed.

Press and media are also understandably banned from attending the ‘adult Disneyland.’ Festival-goers go through rigorous security checks before collecting their welcome packs and pitching their tents. The marshaling teams ensure revelers are located and unpacked.

Once inside, revelers are given wristbands to indicate their sexual preference – men, women or couples. This year’s event promised to be stingier than ever, with great entertainment lined up. Swingfileds website promised that there would be a “full entertainment programme to include ‘old favorites’ from previous years that have been demanded to return by guests as well as a vibrant and eclectic mix of live music, experienced DJ’s and comedy.

Revelers are also allowed to check the event’s ‘info tent’ where staffs are ready to inform the attendees about what’s on offer.

To follow the trends of other festivals, Swingfields offered glamping options which included bell tents, snoozy pods – complete with mood lighting as well as a party tent which sleeps up to 12 people and includes specially decorated beds. Almost everywhere is sex so just hope that your partner will not lock your cock cause that would ruined the fun. Besides, there is a chill zone (although it’s heated!) where people who find the live music too loud can chill and ‘have a chat with friends.’ Swingers also get to enjoy live demos, workshops and ‘a themed evening to dress up if you wish and let your imagination run wild.’ Evening entertainment comes with a disclaimer: ‘Be warned, the main entertainment in the evenings when our bands are playing is the most hedonistic atmosphere.’

Interestingly, Swingfields is officially NOT a sex festival, and there are no sexual services on offer, but they certainly know people are likely to have sex, just like in other festivals, and organizers take the ‘so be it’ approach. However, the party is only open to swingers, and on the official Swingfields website, there is a glossary that defines terms like defines terms like the safe word, squirting, double penetration and more.


All the above considered, do people attend the festival to have sex? The fuck they do. But is the party a hedonist orgy or carnal pleasure? Not really. We wonder why consenting individuals would discreetly meet to have sex, something that humans do best. Perhaps I should get myself a ticket for next year’s event after all!

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