Scientific Explanation Behind Yoni Eggs and Its Benefits

In this article we will talk about how to start training the muscles of the perineum, if you have jade eggs with a special hole and cord.Before starting the exercises, be sure to wash your hands and process jade eggs with chlorhexidine (any other antiseptic can be). Eggs do not boil.

You can make a long lace and free end pin with a pin to a T-shirt – a brilliant idea of ??one of my students. Then when it falls out it will hang, and you will not have to process an egg every time.

The jade egg(Buy Here) is sucked in by contracting the muscles of the perineum: pelvic muscles constrict the vaginal canal and push the egg deep. Back the egg is moved either by the thread (in the prone position), or it falls under its own weight (in the standing position). You should know more about the yoni egg science as well.

Good help imagination – imagine how the egg is drawn deeper and deeper.

Execution options:

Retracting the egg while lying down

We introduce the egg into the vagina about 1 phalanx of the finger, hand hold the cord. You can use a lubricant. We contract the muscles of the perineum, pull the anus inside. The egg makes a slight movement, and this is felt by the tension of the lace. The egg was slightly delayed and the pelvic muscles were relaxed, and the egg was pulled out of the cord to its initial position, as close as possible to the entrance, but so as not to slip out.

Putting the egg in while standing

Always completely relax the crotch, the egg will sink as low as possible. Many women do not feel the movement of eggs in the first days of training. This is normal, the sensitivity of the vaginal canal inside is rather weak. Gradually, this sensitivity increases, and the egg will no longer be “lost.”


What to do, if:

Oiled egg with complete relaxation does not move down on their own? (as a rule, this is what happens to those who have not given birth):

Concentrate on relaxing, letting go of the abdomen and buttocks, which can be tense unnoticed by you. This will help the egg to sink below. Then we pull up, hold for a few seconds in the highest possible position and relax again.

If the egg does not fall at all, you need to load it with a thread not heavy load (maximum 100-200 g).

Oiled egg with complete relaxation falls out of the vagina? This is due to the short pubic bone, the direct position of the vagina or the weak muscle tone of the perineum. Try this option: enter the egg for about 1 phalanx of the finger and hold it inside with your finger, it does not allow it to fall out with weakened muscles. Then try to tighten your muscles, hold the egg up for a few seconds, relax and let the egg fall back onto your finger.

Wearing an egg during the day

  • Egg from jade should not just be worn, forgetting about it, but periodically tighten it. Do not choose to carry large heavy eggs at the very beginning of training! Use medium and small size.
  • The meaning of wearing is in the training of muscles – you remembered and did a series of compressions anywhere in the subway, in traffic, in the office of the head at the meeting (very effectively !!!), etc.
  • Compressing alternate is deep long, frequent short, superficial “flashing” and increase the duration of compression. We try to work the muscles to full fatigue – then there will be a good effect.
  • Wearing a jade egg after a while increases tactile sensitivity.
  • At home it is necessary to determine whether the egg falls out when urinating. Many expensive eggs are irretrievably lost in public toilets!

Eggs can be worn from 1–2 hours (for beginners) to 6–8 hours per day.

If the egg falls out, we wear it only at home, trying more often to do a series of contractions of the muscles of the perineum and hold the egg as long as possible.

The egg in the vagina helps keep female energy “inside the vessel.”

Since ancient times, residents of different continents have noticed that some pebbles found along the banks of rivers have unusual properties. Our ancestors did not yet know that all these are the types of the same mineral, different in color due to the different content of impurities of iron, chromium and manganese. Without an experimental base, people checked the properties of stones for themselves and made extremely accurate medical reports.

Here, for example, green jade was for some reason called a stone, relieving loneliness. Both among the inhabitants of South America and the Celestial Empire, various amulets were made from this mineral, healing waters is the elixirs of youth and beauty were drawn.

Taoist wisdom

The followers of this religious doctrine betrayed ( and do so to this day ) immensely important energy flows in the human body. There is ample evidence of how they managed to significantly reverse the aging process. Not only externally, but also to preserve vitality internally.

Two thousand years ago, the Taoists learned to use jade stones in order to act on the yoni ( walls of the vagina ), not only strengthening them, but also activating stagnation. From this, the woman acquired a new charge of powerful sexual energy, which restored her potential, eliminating infertility and even reversing climacteric processes.



In ancient China, it was also believed that jade stones of egg-shaped form can ward off evil spirits and preserve family well-being. For emperors’ concubines, the ritual of carrying such eggs daily was considered mandatory. And the wives of high-ranking officials resorted to jade in order to maintain sexual relations for a long period. And today we know that oriental women retain their sexual functions in deep old age.

Operating principle

From the point of view of modern medicine, the benefits of using jade eggs are, of course, not mystical. Jade is one of the most durable minerals, with a certain weight, acts like a simulator, gradually leading to the tone of the muscles of the small pelvis.

An egg placed inside the vagina, like a foreign body, causes previously relaxed muscles to strain. The longer the retention time of the egg in the vaginal cavity, the stronger the muscles tighten with increased blood flow to all organs of the pelvis. This can be compared to performing asanas in yoga especially those in which previously used unusual muscles. A person can practically not use those or other muscles in everyday life. And it is there, as a rule, that congestion is formed, leading to various diseases.

Exercises with jade eggs

In order to start applying jade eggs yourself, it is enough to observe two basic conditions. Exercises cannot be performed during:

  • monthly
  • pregnancy

Also, before using jade eggs, they should be boiled, then held in salt water, and then well sterilized with a disinfectant solution. Eggs in the vagina need only clean hands.

Typically, the set uses three jade eggs of various sizes. The use of a large egg is considered the easiest, and the smallest is considered the most difficult.

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