Sex Toys Evolution | What Was The First Sex Toy?

They do not resist sexual experiences, they refuse to bow their heads to traditional practices, and they have not respected the conservative taboo. Women want satisfaction. And it is also seen in the performance of the erotic toy market, as evidenced by the current survey.

Women have long since ceased to be the object of sexual necessities. Producers and traders have sensed this, and market surveys are also recorded. Women have been fond of sexual needs, desire and delight in the past, and have been the only role to attract attention to advertisements for men, tradition is breaking. Thanks to the internet, women also get the word in sex.

They become one of the drivers of the growth of the erotic products market. This is mainly due to female clients, and the market expects to grow by twelve percent by 2021. “Women are becoming prominent buyers in the sex products market,” said a market survey.

The predecessors of vibrators


The predecessors of the vibrators were electrotherapy at the turn of the 18th and 19th … Their great promoter and inventor was Samuel Howard Monell.

They have been used for many ailments, from insomnia through acne and depression to “women’s … “Hysteria” was treated by bringing the patient into a “hysterical seizure” ….

The increase in women’s clientele is also helped by the discretion of online stores, but also by the existence of online communities where women can share experiences and tips. And where they receive support from sexologists and others. “The sex market will grow rapidly during the period concerned,” research predicts.

However, female clientele is not the only factor that leads to market growth. Another is growing demand in countries like China and India. While five years ago, these countries’ growth in the increased interest in erotic products did not go away, the last “five-year” witnessed an extraordinary increase in online sales.

Research, however, points out that the growth of the erotic market will benefit primarily established large brands that offer a large portfolio of goods and can afford interesting discounts for traders. Newcomers do not have much chance in the market.

For women like science fiction, for men, the most realistic

Experts have noticed how different designs have been made with erotic Safe sex toys. They do not remotely resemble a penis, but the male has a very different form than the mouth, vagina, or anal opening. The aids for women look like non-erotic massage aids or design objects with the first and often the second view unrecognizable. The most representative of male toys is then a set of artificial vagina, modeled on the real porn organs such as Asia Akira and Jenna Haze.

The process is complicated, but it allows us to create intimate models for their fans. And it also gives us the assurance that we will offer a product that will be as close to reality as it can be, “quotes the company’s firm. Another producer came up with an oral sex robot whose design was modeled according to the mouth of real, though anonymous women in this case.

How do you explain the difference in design? According to Michael Aaron, a New York sex therapist, there is an important visual stimulus for men, but women are more focused on physical perceptions. Another explanation points out the differences in achieving orgasm in ladies and ladies. Men experience him in a sex act, so his erotic toys try to faithfully imitate him. Female orgasm is most often a reward for masturbation, the ladies’ aids and mistress do not have to imitate a sexual act.

Different pair of sexy toys:

Duo vibrator, paired vibrator or pair of sexy toy

Duo vibrators sometimes called dual and pair vibrators are pair sexy toys with vibratory functions. Perhaps the most famous sexy toy in this category is We-Vibe. With this erotic aid, you can enjoy great joint stimulation with your partner or partner. His exciting vibrations will splendidly stimulate female G and clitoral and male prostate and penis during sex.

How does We-Vibe work?

The narrow part of the We-Vibe paired vibrator is inserted into the vagina. There will be a stimulus point G, during which a wider part of the stimulator will irritate the clitoris. Now a partner can put a penis in the vagina, and since the We-Vibe lies between the cheeks, the partner’s penis will also be stimulated. No intense orgasm is now in the way. Learn more about the We-vibe Pair Stimulator.


What to do with a pair of vibrators:

  • Internal stimulation.
  • Pair of sexy toy.
  • Stimulation for both.
  • Intense orgasms.

This will be really exciting: a vibrating pantie, a vibrating egg or a vibrator that can be controlled remotely by a classic driver or even a phone application. With these sexy toys you can experience delightful excitement not only in the bedroom but also in public. Remote control or application that can be used from the other end of the world is a welcome opportunity to refresh relationships and a means to maintain intimacy even with frequent seclusion.

Penis ring with vibration

The vibration penis ring works, among other things, in couples sex as a clitoris stimulator. This compact sexy toy will bring both partners excitement and delight. The market exists in many different variants. We strongly recommend noting the performance and vibrational strengths. They should not be too weak, but not too strong, so it is worthwhile to try them out. Buy Here.

Erotic Games

Erotic games can entertain your sex life in a fun way. Thanks to them, you can better get to know your partner and yourself. Questions and answers about your intimate life, your preferences, your hobbies, dreams, ideas and fantasies will bring you even closer together with your partner or nonviolent partner. And all without the danger of shame or embarrassment, it’s just a game. Erotic games are produced with a variety of themes, most recently those with the BDSM theme.

Goal of sexy games

There are no winners and defeats in these games. Here is the best to know each other better and to find out different dreams and wishes in the field of eroticism. You will be able to fulfill these ideas and fantasies better with your counterparts.

Finger Stimulator

Just like a pencil ring, the finger stimulator is a great compact pairing sexy toy. You simply drag it over your finger and have a sensational erotic aid. It is tiny, but you can experience many beautiful and intense peaks.

Double dido

A double or even double-sided dildo is a longer model that has the shape of a penis at both ends. With this special toy you will get many and many variations of stimulation. They are suitable for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. We recommend a flexible model that makes it possible to achieve many different irritating positions.


Strap-on or pin-dildo is one of the most popular pair of sexy toys. You can choose between a full and a hollow version. Hollow version has more benefits; men can provide additional stimulation inside and women additionally a few centimeters extra length and width.

Which pair of sexy toys do I buy?

You can easily answer this question yourself. Just let your head go through the basic point of view, talk to your partner and then you’ll find out what kind of sexy toy is just right for you. But we can guarantee you now – Your new sexy toy for couples will bring a new sparkle into your erotic life!

Once you have decided on a pair of sexy toy, decide on the material, color, weight and size you want. Also consider whether you want a waterproof version and whether you want to take it on the go. Once you get clear in all respects, buying your pair of sexy toys is no longer worth it!

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